Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trying To Catch Up

I am so sorry for not keeping up on my pictures we have been really busy this last month. Well we have been living in Spanish Fork for a month and a half now and it's been great! I've made alot of friends in our ward and everyone is really welcoming. Our landlords are the best they have a really good garden and when ever they're picking they give us a bunch of tomatoes, squash, and zecinni( I have know idea how to spell that word) They are great! So the title for all these pictures is "Trying to Catch Up" and it really is all of these pictures are what have happened in the past month and a half to now. They're mostly pictures of Takoma.LOL I just can't believe how much she has grown in these two months. She will be three months on the 29 of October! WoW!! So just to let you all know there're a couple of poop pictures in here so if you think you will get grossed out I probably wouldn't look at these. These two pictures happened about a week ago. It was bath day for Takoma and I could tell that she was really excited. She loves taking baths. I was splashing some water at her and then I saw some bubbles appearing from her you know what and then a second or two later all of her poop started coming out. I totally freaked out, I grabbed my girl out of that tub and put her in her towel. I didn't really know what to do I told Takoma that was pretty discussing and all she could do was smile. I couldn't help but laugh and then I realized that I should probably clean up her mess which wasn't to fun but what can you do. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the pictures.

We decided to go to the park one day just to get out of the house. There's also a library next to the park so we check out some books to read while we were hanging out. Takoma slept the whole time.

so cute

I don't know why but for some reason Takoma woke up at like four in the morning. I was really surprised becase I'll get her in bed by nine or nine-thirty and she'll sleep till seven. Anyways After I nursed her I was to tired to take her back to her crib so I let her sleep with me and Cameron this one time.

okay so Cameron was playing with Takoma and he kept on putting her back to his cheek and he started to notice that he's cheek was a little damped and he couldn't figure out why till he actually looked at Takoma's back. He was so discussted but was laughing at the same time.


Usually when I have all of my things done for the day I will take pictures of me and Takoma just to pass the time. It's so much fun taking pictures with her.

She just stared smiling these past few weeks and it's so adorable!

she's modeling for her mommy in her sun dress.

Kiss Kiss

a kiss in return

She was smiling like crazy that day

She's doing a cute pose for her mommy!

look at that belly and chunky thighs

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  1. Oh My what a C U T I E !!! This is Donetta by the way.....Cameron and Courtney have a baby!!!! Looks fun to me:o) So Cool! I love it! Keep blogging!