Saturday, July 10, 2010


So I'll be honest for the past few months I kept telling myself that I need to update my blog but I just really haven't been in the mood to do it. I know really sad and it totally makes me sound lazy but I finally got in the mood to do it today. So here's whats been going on with us. We moved back to Vernal around the middle of June when our condo got finished being built and boy do we love our place! It's so nice to live in a home that fits all three of us comfortably. Cameron will have his associates in a couple of weeks.YAY he is working a Winnelson full time and at the Gold Cross part time. I'm so proud of him for working so hard to get his school done and having a job to support his family. I love you so much babe! Thanks for your hard work! I'm working part time as a swim instructor at the Rec Center and I love it! In the mornings I get to teach the mommy and tots and Takoma gets to come with me to be my little assistant. She loves coming to the pool everyday to see her lifeguard friends and all the other employees. Oh and we have some exciting news we are having another baby!!! I am now 4 1/2 months along and we will find out what we're having on Tuesday!! Cameron wants a boy and I'm rooting for another girl but I will be just as happy if we have a boy. Our two angels will be a bit close (16 1/2months) but I know a ton of moms have done it so I hope I can too. Our baby is due Dec. 12 so this will be a nice Christmas present for our family.LOL. Takoma will be turning one on the 29th of this month! Wow how time flies. She will walk across furniture but she wont try walking by herself which is a bummer but hopefully she'll be doing soon so I wont have to carry two babies. She loves drinking anything from a straw and she'll eat what every we're eating which is really nice. So I put these pics from April to June and we hope everything is going well for everyone. enjoy.
April: This is when we were moving back to Vernal Takoma was confused at what we were doing but she finally got over it and fell asleep.

our happy girl!

We went to go visit my parents in Lehi and they had a tractor in their back yard to even the ground and Takoma was fascinated by the noise and what is was doing so she just stared at it for about fifteen min. it was funny to watch her.

She finally figured out that this type of crawling is much faster than the army crawl.

Cameron's graduation!

This is a good friend of Cameorns who also took the class.

My family on the left and Cameron's family on the right.

May: Takoma loves our new home and is glad everything is back where it needs to be and so are we!

This is one of Takoma's favorite toys

Look at that curly hair

She loves taking baths with her rubber duckies

June: In mid June we had a family reunion on my moms side and went to St. George it was a blast!


  1. Yeah for the update!! I heard you were expecting. I hope you are feeling well. We definately need to get together soon. We will have to have a bbq. We will call ya!!

  2. I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!!!! Really I do though.. Your family is beautiful! Takoma is getting so big I can hardly believe it! Her and Marley will be best friends some day.... When we don't live 3000 miles apart! I'm glad everything is going well for you and you like your new place. We miss you and love you!