Monday, February 8, 2010

where has the time gone?

Alright so bad news our camera battery broke about a month and a half ago so that's why I haven't been updating my bog in a very long time. We have a recorder that takes pics so I just need to learn how to put the pics from my recorder to the computer. I know this makes me sound stupid for not knowing how to do this but with this recorder you have to download this CD and so some weird things to make it work. I'm totally not a computer person but I will figure this Anyways until then here is what the Ruppe family has been up to.
Takoma is now six months and is rolling over.YaY We'll put her on her back and immediately she flip over on her stomach. Sometimes she can roll back to her back but not always so when she can't she flips out and puts her face in the carpet. That is to let us know she has had enough. It's really funny to watch. Last week her two bottom teeth started poking out and she has been really miserable this last week and still is today. Poor little girl:-( but she's a toughie. Takoma loves to see her daddy come home from clinicals(He does 80 hours a week) She loves to smile. All you have to do is look at her and she'll give you a smile. I could be having a terrible day and she'll look at me and give me that smile and everything that was bothering me goes away. I love her so much.
Cameron is doing really well in his paramedic program and has a little over two and a half months left. He certainly can't wait to be done. He's also taking an online class as well.(not sure what it really is) He will be getting he's bachelors degree this December and is looking forward to start his career.He is such a hard worker I am so blessed to have him as my husband. As of now we are considering moving back to Vernal in the late spring for about a year. We are really excited about it if it works out but who knows.
As for me I am loving being a mom! I'm also learning how to Cook. So if anyone has any recipes that are good and not to difficult let me know. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pics here soon. Hope everything is going well you for all.


  1. yea! I can't belive how fast babies grow, crazy huh?! I'm sorry you have already had to deal with those terrible teeth, Kaylees just started coming in the first of this year. I bet YOU are super excited that Cam's almost done with clinicals too! That's got to be hard! Can't wait till you move back, lets get together with our little babes! :)

  2. Oh! I miss you guys so much! Allie always asks about her "Koma" baby. She is still not excited to get a second brother instead of a baby girl. Hope to see you guys soon! Love you so much.