Sunday, February 21, 2010

The month of December

Since Cameron hasn't been working since August and won't be able to work till the beginning of May because of his school and clinicals we were able to still buy each other a couple of gifts. I know Christmas isn't about gifts it's about love and about our Savior being born but it was still nice to wake up and to open something lol. We are so blessed to have a place to live and to have food to eat. And I'm so grateful to have my husband and that he's working so hard to get his degree and that we have a healthy baby girl. We are so blessed. Takoma's onesee(sp?) was buttoned when I put her down for a nap and when I came to wake her up it turned into a belly I guess she's out grown another That's my big girl!

We put Takoma on the other side of the crib the night before and this morning we found her clear over here. How funny.

Just in case you were wondering what she was wearing it's a Rudolf's outfit the hat has the red nose and antlers on really cute and funny.

And our little one is so happy.

The Ruppes have a tradition where Grammy(Cameron's mom) buys all her kids a Christmas book and on Christmas Eve we read it to each other. This book was called "The Christmas Sweater."

Takoma trying to stand up with some help from the chair. She lasted for about five seconds.

Takoma will turn FIVE months on the 29 of December HOLY COW!

Christmas Eve!

Takoma always has her feet crossed even when she was inside of me. I had two ultra-sounds and both times we went she had them crossed. Such cute feet!

Kayloni was so happy to see baby Takoma

Gangster baby

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  1. Cutest little buddah belly!!! She's such a doll court! Josh and I scaled back on the gifts this year too, it was nice though! Much less stress to make ends meet that month and the true spirit of christmas was really there! We miss you guys!!!