Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Where's Baby Takoma?
There she is!

She's a blanket girl

she has to have her blankets everywhere

Daddy and his little chunk

First time she sat up and didn't fall over YAY!

Feb. 27 was My sweet hearts B-day and he turned 24. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE. It was a great party but whenever my family gets together it doesn't really matter who's day it is Takoma always ends up being the one with the most attention.LOL

My sister Chelsee

Meghan and John Carson and Cameron

Cameron, Ryan, and Carson

Cameron and my dad

Ryan, Carson, and my MOm

Takoma got this for Christmas from her Auntie Lynnell and She never wants to get off of it.
Thanks Lynnell!

this is probably her favorite toy

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