Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Wow I'm really behind on my blog. Shame on me. Being a mom can be quite tiring as you all know. Well here are a bunch a pics for ya from the month of Jan. My little girl is SIX MONTHS OLD holy cow where has the time gone. Half a year ago she was just born and in another six months she'll be a YEAR! Big cheeks

She was showing off her flexibility
her feet must taste good. Yuck.

My happy sunshine. Whenever she wakes up from a nap or waking up in the morning she always has a big smile on her face. I love it!

First time eating baby food and she loved it. When I was feeding her she kept on trying to grab the spoon from me and her food got every where.

She loves playing airplane

I'm so glad I got this sometimes when she's in the mood she's ticklish and that night was one of those nights.

Loves chewing on blankets, bibs, the carpet, and everything else she can get her hands on.

First time I found her sleeping on her stomach. Look at those big cheeks I just love them!

Cute Cute

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  1. oh my heck she's too cute! And she changes everytime you post pictures...although you have gone a while since your last post! ;)hehe She's adorable and I can really see YOU in her now...still Cam too though! :) Miss you guys when are you coming HOME?! :)