Thursday, August 26, 2010

Takoma's 1st Birthday

I can't believe my baby Takoma is a year old!!! She went from this......

...To this!!
this is the morning of her birthday.
Takoma turned one on the 29th of July. Her birthday was on a weekday so we couldn't have a party for her till that weekend but that evening when Cameron came home from work we all went out and got ice cream at that new place by Gandolfos and it was delicious!!! Takoma loved it!

On Saturday we had a little birthday party for her and it was a blast. I don't think Takoma wasn't getting the whole opening your presents thing so we got to do that but she loved all of her gifts. Thanks everyone for coming we had so much fun.

Takoma loved her cake!!!!

Our messy GIRL!

It was to hard to wipe her off so we gave up and just put her in the tub.LOL

After the party we went to the fair at western park but we didn't stay long it was way to hot!!

We don't have very many pictures of us together so we thought we should do some today.

Takoma saying hi to us. Way cute!

It was a way fun day but we were totally exhausted that night.
Happy Birthday Takoma Aria Ruppe we sure love you!!!!!


  1. I cant believe she is one already!! Sounds like it was a way fun day. I will have Levi call next week and we will get together for a bbq.

  2. Goodness! She's grown up so much! She's a doll, I love the picture of her under the fair comment, she looks exhausted!

  3. Wow it sure goes by fast doesn't it? She is so cute. I love her curly hair! Before you know it baby girl #2 will be here :)