Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Okay so in September we went camping twice with my side of the family but we didn't stay up the night because I wanted to sleep in my bed especially since I'm in my third trimester. I have to sleep in a comfortable bed or I will regret it the next morning. We went camping during the holiday and it's starting to become a 2nd family reunion. We have one every year in June and then the last few years we've been doing a camping one up here. But anyways I only got one pic from that whole weekend I was really bad and the second time we went camping I didn't get any SUPPER BAD. The second one was with my dad, older bro, younger bro, my sis, aunt and uncle with their kids, my grandparents and my grandma's brother and his wife from Germany came here to visit for three weeks. They have never camped like this before where you go in the mountains and park your trailer and have a lot of open space and can watch the deer run around. They also got to ride four wheelers for the first time too and they had a blast!! It was so cool to meet them and hang out with them.
This is my grandma's brother and his wife. Takoma loved playing with them.
Takoma loves being outside and running around in the grass

Takoma would not leave my grandma's flowers alone she loves picking, smelling, and eating them.

My wonderful grandma on the left and her lovely sister-in-law on the right. Whenever Takoma gets fussy grandma takes her on the swing and Takoma is in heaven. Grandmas always know what to do when it comes to making babies happy.

Takoma will grab my string thing that holds my pants on my waist and likes to tickle her face with it.

Happy Girl

Funny face

Eating luck charms and she eats the marsh mellows first then the cereal

Sharing with daddy

Camping and she loved it

This is the first time she had Mac and Cheese


  1. Hey, I somehow made it so I had to approve my comments on my blog, only I didnt know it, so I am sorry I havent gotten with you about making you blog private. I am trying to remember how to do it, but if you click on Design at the top right hand of your blog, and then click on settings, and then permissions and from there I think is where you put in peoples email addresses? Call me if you have any questions - 790-3111

  2. Oh and... Takoma is a doll. She is so cute!!