Wednesday, June 1, 2011

March, April, May

Sorry I stared this post on June 1 but I finished it today July 26. pretty sad.


Takoma and Mia are waiting for daddy to get home from work


My two baby girls

I needed to take a shower and Cameron said he would keep an eye on her.


We were trying to get Mia in the tub but Takoma beat her to it


Lots and lots of pics to show but not a ton to tell. I do have a couple of exciting news to tell. At the end of April Cameron GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE WITH HIS BACHELORS DEGREE IN EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT WITH A 3.6GPA. YAY!!!!!!! This last semester was by far more time consuming than the other semester(he was doing 16 credits) except when he was going to paramedic school. I cant tell you how happy I was when he finished his last paper. When he was going to school he would get home at 6 pm hang out with us till 8pm then he would have to go to his office and do homework till10 or11 pm. And that was almost every day of the week. Saturdays he would do homework at 8 till noon or one and some times he would have to do more that night when the kids were in bed. I'm so proud of him and for all his hard work and determination to get his schooling done. I love you so so so much honey and I am so grateful for all you do for us you are our everything. As for me I'm being a mom(teaching manners,cleaning,bathing the girls,changing diapers,feeding the girls ect. I just love it!)Takoma is growing and talking a lot more. She's say more words than before which is great because I was getting nervous that she was behind all the other kids her age but I think she just chooses not to say the words. She can understand you completely but for some reason she just doesn't want to respond that much. but like I said she is getting better at it. She is now sleeping in a twin bed which is awesome! Her and Mckinley have been sharing a room since Jan. and they are still doing good with each other. Sometimes Takoma will through things in Mckinley's crib like toys or shoes so Mckinley has something to play with but other than that they're doing great with each other. Mckinley is getting big she is seven and half months old Crazy! She is so cute and so so so smiley. When ever and who ever comes up to her she gives you the biggest smile and laugh it's so precious. She's rolling everywhere and loves sitting up. She also loves baby food. Mckinley loves it when Takoma or her cousins come and play with her. You can tell that she's excited because she'll start to kick her legs and moves her arms up and down.I love my girls so much and am so grateful to have them even though we do have our moments when mom wants to scream or pull her hair out. but I am very blessed to have such wonderful, beautiful and most of all healthy girls. I love you two so very much.

I will post June and July pics next week my girls are calling for me. Hope everyone has a wonderful week.


  1. Cute pictures! It makes me sad that we don't live closer...HOWEVER [now don't get your hopes up I would never move to Vernal] we will be there over Labor day weekend so we should get together!

  2. You have such a cute little fam, Courtney! (This is Alyssa, by the way. For some reason I have to post as anonymous.)