Thursday, July 23, 2009


We decided to go to San Diego, California for our HONEYMOON! We got to go to Sea World, the MidWay Air Craft Carrier, and the Temple. It was a blast!
Cameron bought me this rose our first night in California. It was so special to me because this was my first rose ever and who better to get my first rose from than my wonderful husband. Thanks babe you are the best!

We got to go see the San Diego temple and it was gorgeous! This is my favorite temple out of all the the temples.

Cameron and I in front of the San Diego Temple.

Us at Sea World! I was so excited to go, this is my second favorite place to go in California.

Look it's Shamu! I got all sorts of goose bumps when I him.

Awe how sweet their hugging.

Dolphins are so CUTE!

Oh my gosh so when we went to go see the shark aquarium I got really nervous because when you walk in this place you go in this tunnel and you have to step on this thing that makes you move forward and for about a minute you have these huge creatures swimming above and next to you. The only thing that is separating me from these things is like 1 to 2 FT thick glass. I know I sound like a baby but that is totally ok with me. I HATE sharks!

These seals were so much fun to feed.

So Cameron and I got to go to this nice sushi restaurant and I must say it was the best sushi I have ever had and it was cheap! We got so much for a great price.

This is the Mid Way Air Craft Carrier. So this picture and the next two is the whole Carrier. I couldn't get a whole shot of it. This thing was so big. Out of our whole honeymoon this was his favorite thing that we did. He loves this stuff.

This is inside of the ship and I have no idea what these button are for but there was a butt load of them.

My husband was having so much fun. It was like watching a little kid open presents on Christmas morning.

This is where they put the crazy people.

I don't even know what to say about this picture. The men who lived on this ship must of had tiny butts because mine barely fit comfortably.


  1. We are going to San Diego in like a week and we are super excited. We've been to that air craft carrier and it is WAY big isn't it? Looks like you guys had tons of fun =)

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