Friday, July 10, 2009

Wedding Day!

So June 21, 2008 was our wedding day!I am now Courtney Ruppe. I was so happy to be married to my sweetheart and best friend. I really couldn't believe how fast our engagement went. It was truly the best day in my whole life! Thank you everyone who helped out with this wedding it was the most beautiful wedding ever!
This is Cameron's side of the family. They all look so beautiful and handsome.

Here are two of Cameron's groomsmen. Hyrum is on the left and Mase is on the right. Aren't they just the adorable!

Here are my Girls! Gosh don't they all look so beautiful! Starting to the left we have Brisa(sister in-law), Chalece(cousin), Chelsee(my sister & maid of honor), Alyssa(cousin), and Meghan(sister in-law). Below us are our precious flower girls Allie and next to her is her cousin Kayloni. These two girls are my nieces.

We had the reception in my grandpa and grandma's backyard. It was so gorgeous they have the most amazing yard ever! Thanks grandma and grandpa for letting me have my reception in your yard.

We have to the left Scott and Carrie which are Cameron's parents and to the right we have Leslie and Dave who are my parents.

This is a picture of everyone on my side of the family. They all look so great! Thank everyone for coming to celebrate our wedding we love you all.

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  1. Yeah!! I'm so glad you got it started. You were a VERY pretty bride! Doesn't that day seem forever ago!!! It does for me and our wedding.