Friday, July 10, 2009

Maui, Hawaii

So a week after Cameron proposed my aunt Chong asked if I would like to go to Maui, Hawaii with her family! And I totally said YES! Oh my gosh I was so excited to go with them it was unreal. Cameron on the other hand was kinda bumbed. He proposes to me and then I leave him for a week. Sorry Babe, but when you get a chance to spend time with your aunt, uncle, and cousins in Maui you just can't turn that opportunity down. But I still love ya. LOL
This picture is in the back yard of our condo and the beach was like 15-20 yards from our condo too. On the left is my cousin Shelby and to the right of me is my cousin Taylor Ann. We had so much fun hanging out that week. Thank you so much Chong and Greg for letting me come with you guys I will never forget that wonderful trip. I LOVED IT!!!

One morning we all went on a hike and we came across this hut looking thing. It was so cool!
This is a picture of Taylor and me and the next picture is me and Shelby. I have such cute cousins!

At the end of the hike was a beautiful waterfall. We got to play in it, and I got to jump off of the waterfall too. It was so scary I accidentally peed myself when I entered the water how embarrassing. That water was also butt cold! but it still was a blast.

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